The Penthouse T-Shirt White

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This particular limited edition T-shirt has one hell of a crazy story behind it....Ok, where do we start.

First off, this is not just any Penthouse Pet, oh no... This is one of our staff member's Mother, ..We're not kidding. True story!

It gets crazier !

This Penthouse Pet from the 1971 front cover of the October edition of PENTHOUSE magazine was recently auctioned off by NASA. WHY?? 

Photo credit EPA

The magazine foldout was removed from the October 1971 issue of Penthouse Magazine and features a full-frontal of 'Pet of the Month' Helen Caunt - but it was censored by fellow prankster astronauts with two convenient stickers of the cartoon characters Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner.

S**t gets crazy now, this centrefold was incredibly smuggled onboard by one of Nasa's astronauts and subsequently  flown to the moon onboard Apollo 17 during their mission in 1972. read the full story here  

  • Thick double stitched close fitting neck 
  • heavy weight 180g cotton 
  • Relaxed fit 
  • Unisex\Sizes Small, medium, Large
  • Full colour print design located on the back of the shirt
  • No design on the front
To read more on this incredible story click the link below
Read the full story here 

The Penthouse T-Shirt White
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The Penthouse T-Shirt White
The Penthouse T-Shirt White
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The Penthouse T-Shirt White
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