The Pompadour

The Pompadour is a similar, but subtly different to a quiff. Instead of brushing and directing the hair towards the front of the head, the hair is actually brushed up and then back including some product to give the look a bit of texture and volume. While the quiff can sometimes be a little messy and spiky, the pompadour is characterised by much smoother, even and cleaner shape. Texture can be added by ruffling the hair at the front for a modern vs classic pompadour if that's your bag.

The main and most obvious difference between the pompadour and a quiff is one of style rather than the actual length of the hair itself . So if you have long hair at the front, you should probably be able to get your hair to do both styles.(Lucky you!)

Asking your barber for a pompadour haircut will give you maximum versatility. In fact, this length and texture of hair will allow you to style a number of different types of hairstyles. 

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