Opening hours: 9.30am - 5.30 pm Thursdays & Fridays and  9 - 5 on Saturday.


Relieving Back, Neck, & Shoulder Massage

A treatment that concentrates on the neck, shoulder, and back to ease muscle strain and help you wind down from the daily stress of life.

Duration: 30 minutes; €35 BOOK NOW

 Recovery Full Body Massage

Ideal for those constantly on the go. It will relieve you of aches, pains, and tiredness whilst promoting relaxation.

Duration: 60 minutes; €60 BOOK NOW

 Sports Deep Tissue Massage

Designed to relieve muscle tension and exercise related injuries. This deep pressure treatment rejuvenates and renews the body.

Duration: 60 minutes; €60 BOOK NOW

Indian Head Massage

A treatment tailored to relieve stress, tension and mental fatigue. Acupressure points on the head, face, neck, back, and shoulder are stimulated to rejuvenate the body.

Duration: 60 minutes; €65 BOOK NOW

 Dermalogica FACIALS

Extraction Facial

A treatment that focuses specifically on removing blackheads and congestion. A charcoal mask combined with steam leaves the skin clear and purified.

Duration: 70 minutes; €65 BOOK NOW

Executive De-Stress Facial

A facial tailored to your skins exact needs whatever they may be. This treatment includes a stress relieving massage for the neck and shoulder while the detoxifying masque does its work. Steam is used to keep cleanse the pores throughout the treatment.

Duration: 60 minutes; €65 BOOK NOW

Express Facial

A treatment which cleanses and exfoliates the skin to remove dirt and excess oils. Tired skin is replenished to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.

Duration: 30 minutes; €40 BOOK NOW

 Hair Removal – WAXING

Back & Shoulder

Duration: 35 minutes; €35 BOOK NOW

Chest & Stomach

Duration: 45 minutes; €35 BOOK NOW

Back, Shoulder, Chest & Stomach

Duration: 70 minutes; €60 BOOK NOW


Duration: 30 minutes; €25 BOOK NOW


Duration 15 minutes €12 BOOK NOW

Full Leg Wax

Duration: 50 minutes; €35 BOOK NOW

Half Leg Wax

Duration: 25 minutes; €20 BOOK NOW

Eyebrow Shaping

Duration: 15 minutes; €12 BOOK NOW


The Tony Soprano

Stress Relieving Massage and the Express Facial.

Duration: 60 minutes; €60 BOOK NOW

The Marlon Brando

Stress Relieving Massage, Express Facial, Manicure, and Eyebrow Shaping.

Duration: 120 minutes; €90 BOOK NOW

The Tony Montana

Indian Head Massage, Express Facial, and Deep tissue Back Massage.

Duration: 90 minutes; €80 BOOK NOW

 Other Treatments

Back Cleansing

A perfect treatment to target blackheads and congestion of the back. This deep cleansing treatment is followed by a rejuvenating back massage.

Duration: 60 minutes; €60 BOOK NOW


Duration: 30 minutes; €30



The DON is a package where you can choose any of our hour long massages combined with any hour long facial of your choice.Leaving you feeling like you could take on the world...And own it.

€100  BOOK NOW