Carhartt The Brand

The company started with only two sewing machines and five workers. Carhartt's first slogan was "Honest value for an honest dollar." The company's initial expansion in the 1890s focused on railroad workers' need for strong and long-lasting work clothes. Carhartt worked closely with local railroad workers to ensure that his work bibs met their needs.

Over the years, Carhartt clothing items evolved trademark features intended to extend durability, including the use of heavy-duty thread, reinforcing rivets at stress points, and a variety of durable, high technology materials resistant to flame, abrasion, and water.

So why did we decide to stock Carhartt Clothing here in our Galway Store?

Well that's simple, this stuff is built to last and ultimately deserves to be in everyones wardrobe. It's one of those brands that you just become obsessed with and ultimately trust 100%.

If you don't know already Carhartt do a few ranges, most notably the street wear side of things. Then of course you have the classic Carhartt Workwear line.

Being an American brand the workwear side of things is always one size larger than what you'd normally wear, so for example, if you're usually a size large, we’d suggest always dropping  down one size.

Me personally , I'll always have at least  3 or 4 Dickies Sacreamento shirts and Carhartt Hoodies in my Wardrobe at any one time. 

We hope you enjoy the range and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to drop us a line. Alternatively our door is always open for you to come in and check out the range in person anytime between 8 -5pm Monday to Saturday … you know where we are!