Mühle Sea Buckthorn Shaving Soap 65g

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Warm and Sensual – with a scent of coriander and star anise. This shaving soap prepares the skin and beard for a gentle, perfect wet shave. The natural ingredient calm and refresh the skin and the senses.

Shaving soaps from Mühle prepare the skin and beard optimally for a close yet gentle shave.

This solid soap dispenses a fine-pored, dense shaving lather when using the brush. It is soothing and moisturising.

A weatherproof coat for the skin, fruity sea buckthorn meets vegetable glycerine.

Created for every skin type, sea buckthorn promotes the regeneration of the cell structure. In combination with fine, fruity scents of lime and orange.


Made in Germany. 

Directions of Use

Use circular movements of the shaving brush to produce a dense, creamy foam that remains stable throughout the duration of a shave. When lathered, the beard hair is soaked and prepared for a thorough and gentle shave.

After shaving, use Mühle's Shaving Balm to soothe and nurture the skin.